Partner Benefits

Partner Benefits

LiveShare provides a live, interactive experience for your customers to collect “living” memories in real-time.

Stand Out

Differentiate yourself from competitors with the latest technology.

Monetize Screens

Provide your business with an additional revenue stream.

Reseller Program

Multiple ways to engage with little, or no, upfront costs.

Simple Setup

Hardware is pre-configured.
Plug and Play!

Click the button or scan the QR code to add your photo LIVE.

Click the button to see your photo LIVE.


NEW for 2020!

LiveShare Reseller Opportunity

Follow this link to order your Reseller Kit


30 Days Risk Free!


Easy to Install

  1. Streaming box comes pre-configured.
  2. Plug-in to existing screen and power.
  3. Connect to internet.

Referral Registration

Request your referral code and start earning more today.

When they sign up, you earn, and we take care of the rest!

What is the best time to reach you?

Join our reseller program for even greater margins.