You know they’ll be taking photos at your special event.

With LiveShare, you create a fun and easy way for your guests to share them with you.


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What’s included:

  • Unique Link and QR Code to your Themed Event
  • LiveShare’s Crowdsourcing Playbook that provides hints and suggestions to get your guests engaged and contributing
  • Guests and friends, both at the event and a far, are able to view, like and comment on posts – as the event is happening
  • A “leaderboard” view showing the 3 most popular posts, encouraging participation and the competitive spirit
  • An easy to use interface for your guests to post photos and messages with meaningful and entertaining captions
  • Able to continue posting then download photos for up to 7 days after event date
  • At the close of your event, the ability to download photos with and without captions

Available Premium Options

Once you create your FREE event, we’ll send you a link to turn on 1 or more of these PREMIUM options.

Custom Branding

  • Make the Cover Image your own
  • Personalize the introduction Pop Up
  • Add your own Message Post Backgrounds
  • Enable a Passcode restrict access to event


  • Enable the LiveShare slideshow function and display photos as they are posted on TVs and large screens
  • Display a slideshow of “how we got here” photos from your existing photo collection
  • A great way to encourage and recognize participation in real time!

Extended Access

  • Let your guests and attendees add photos up to 3 months after the event – this is a great way to get even more candid photo memories with a follow-up email.
  • Includes unlimited downloads

Personal Fund Me button

  • A great way to crowdsource funds for a special gift or event
  • Funds are added to a pre-paid Visa card in your name

Phone: (336) 473 - 6861

Address: 113 Moore Ave Suite 101
Mount Airy, NC 27030 United States



Phone: (336) 473-6861


Address: 113 Moore Ave Suite 101, Mount Airy, NC 27030 United States



Make your event even more social.

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Make your event even more social.

Follow and share LiveShare on Social Media!

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