Your Family Holiday
in Real-Time

Connect, Share and Save the Memories. Everyone, Everywhere, Across the Miles. Our Gift to You

Here is how it works

Everyone, regardless of location, can stay connected

Use a phone or tablet to view and contribute to your family photo slideshow

No App Required!
Create Account . Share the Event . Post Photos

Create a
shared experience

From anywhere, view your family photo slideshow, as it is created

View On
  Phone . iPad / Tablet . Cast to TV

Save the Memories

Tag favorites, save to your cloud, turn into a movie or photo book

Keep forever
Download . Make a movie . Create Photo Book

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We can’t be together this year, but it can still be magical!

This holiday, it’s going to be hard. We know. It’s not ‘normal’ to spend our most cherished traditions far away. So we’re coming to help.

Imagine you could bring everyone together virtually while creating memories in real-time.

With LiveShare, you can and it’s Free. Our gift to you.


Combine your Holiday memories with others throughout your lives.


From that moment on, it’s your family’s special spot for contributing photos, love, laughs and any other holiday cheer.

Far apart, but still together.

It’s like a living memory book unfolding before your eyes, but you get to keep it forever.

Photos can be added from any device viewing the event. Click ‘Add Your Photo’ on the event page, chose the source, select (or take) a picture, click ‘Post’

Image files can be downloaded after the event and used to create Photo Books, animated slideshows, and other memorable items by one of many available companies such as Shutterfly

Each event has a unique code created by the event host. This code is your passcode into both viewing and contributing. Without it – you can not participate in the event.

Simply send them the event link. There are options to share the link from the event owners event page.

You can watch the LiveShare slideshow on any TV with a browser – Simply enter the event link provided by the event host and click ‘Tap to View Live’

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