Tools and Tips

Get the most out of your LiveShare Event

  • Photos from when your first met
  • Photos of both of you as children growing up
  • Photos of you and your parents on vacation
  • Email your guests the link to LiveShare a few weeks before the event, asking them to share their favorite photos of times you have had together

  • Have the Best Men encourage your guests to post photos to your LiveShare Event

  • Have the DJ make announcements about posted photos when there are “special” activities

  • Put posters around the venue with suggestions of candid photo ops and the event link / QR Code

  • Place tabletop placards on each table, with photo suggestions such as capturing everyone at the table and other candid photo opportunities

  • Create a QR code to include on your posters and placards. Go to this site and use the URL sent to you in your welcome email.

A QR code is a great way to simplify access to your event for your guests.

Go to to create QR Code based on your Unique URL

Subject: Share Your Photos of Jane and John

Dear Guests,

We are so excited to see you in just a few weeks!
As we look forward to creating more memories with you at this special event, we invite you to share some of your favorite photos of some of the good times we have had together
.  It can be from your digital photo album on the computer, or even a picture of a picture off your wall. You can upload these precious moments at the link below, and we will share them at the event.

Thank you for being a part of this with us.

Love,  Jane & John

Share your memories with us!

Share via: link received in Welcome Email

Print out little cards and put on your tables during the reception.

Download a template image to create your own.




Frequently Asked Questions

Your event has a unique code and unique link.

You can click the Share Icon to post it on Facebook, send via email, or simply copy the link to include in another email or text.

This link can be turned into a QR code, printed and placed on your tables for the reception.  Check out examples of this on our Tips page.


You can create your event, share your private link with friends and family, then download all the candid photos everyone contributed, at no cost. 

The Upgrade enables the ability to personalize the look and feel, and much more

Once you have created your event and shared the link with your friends and family, they can post photos from any phone, tablet or even PC.

They can also view, like, and comment on any photos posted by others.

The top 3 photos with the most likes will also show up on the Event Page.

Guests can also post a  special message on a pre-loaded image.

When you Upgrade the Event, you will have the ability to change and personalize the following:

Your photos are stored on a secured cloud server and the event page can be passcode-locked so only friends and family and event-goers have access.


Image files can be downloaded after the event and used to create Photo Books, animated slideshows, and other memorable items by one of many available companies such as Shutterfly

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