Let’s bring back some togetherness this year!

Families want to see each other

New Grandparents want to see those babies

Newlyweds want to show off those new spouses

Simply create your Event and share the link!

Everyone can view and everyone can contribute!


CAPTURE Memories

Capture memories in real time among friends and family.

Easy to use

Even Grandma can share.


Those unable to attend can still participate.

LiveShare Slideshow

Enhance the event day experience with a live stream of shared memories.

No App Required

No downloads, tracking or hassle.

Tell your story

Incorporate photos from holidays past

Share photos in real time

  • It’s a fun way for spread out families to interact

Everyone views constantly updated slideshow: 

  • Any device with a browser

      • Phone

      • Computer

      • Tablet

      • Smart TV

      • Any screen you can cast to    

Welcome to LiveShare

LiveShare provides a memory capture platform where you crowdsource photos from your friends and family whether they attend or not, so everyone can experience the memories during your event as well as for years to come.

Engage the crowd.

Make your guests an integral part of the Event. Their memories can become yours as they actively shoot and share photos from every angle.


Entertain and incentivize an environment of candid snapshots. You will get the maximum out of your friends’ and family’s memories.