Connect with Loved Ones this Holiday with LiveShare

Imagine this: your family typically spends every holiday together. Grandma, Grandpa, tons of cousins, aunts, and uncles all gather every year to share a meal, open presents and make memories. However, this year, due to a global pandemic, your family has decided that it’s not the safest to gather all 53 relatives in one house. Sound a little too familiar? Unfortunately, questions about how festivities will be possible this year is on many of our minds. This is where LiveShare comes in. No matter where you are this holiday season, connect with LiveShare’s free photo sharing platform!

LiveShare is a platform that creates a live slideshow from photos that are crowdsourced in real time. After the event is over, hosts are able to download the crowdsourced photos, which can then be created into keepsakes. So, you may be thinking, this sounds too easy to be true. We’ve broken down the process into four simple steps to show you how user-friendly LiveShare truly is.

Step 1: Create an event and share the link with loved ones

Girl sitting on the floor on her laptop.

First, the person in charge, or as we like to call them, the “memory moderator,” goes to our photo sharing website to create an event with a unique link. You can create the event here. Once people have the link, all they have to do is log in with their Google account, or create a free account through LiveShare to gain access. Only those who have the link have access to the event.

Step 2: Start snapping and crowdsourcing photos

Little girl eating a cupcake at a holiday gathering.

As immediate families make memories throughout the day, people can snap the moments and share to the LiveShare slideshow via the link. Users can also share photos that are already on their camera roll. For example, during holiday festivities, people can share photos of past gatherings for a trip down memory lane. With LiveShare’s photo sharing capabilities, the moments shared are instantly added to the slideshow and every household logged on are able to view them.

Step 3: Connect with family by watching the slideshow

Group of people watching something on a laptop.

Once the photos are uploaded, Grandma and Grandpa can instantly see little Susie smiling with the present they sent her, everyone can cringe at candid photos of Aunt Carol burning the sugar cookies, and cousins can share selfies with one another. This slideshow can be played on a phone, tablet, or cast to a TV, and is on a constant loop, so users can enjoy it all day.

Step 4: Create a keepsake

A couple looking at a photo book.

After festivities have finished for the day, the host can download all of the photos shared during the event. LiveShare eliminates the pesky process of having to track down photos after an event. Once downloaded, this file full of memories made can be used with a third-party site like Shutterfly, Chatbooks, or Animoto to create a photo book, calendar, or video.

Try LiveShare this Holiday Season for Free!

At LiveShare, we know how important quality family time is during the holidays. That’s why we want to give you a FREE live event this holiday season. Visit today to claim. If you can’t spend the holidays in person, spend it virtually with the best photo sharing platform. With LiveShare, memories are made easy.