5 Ways to Use LiveShare

Pre-COVID, LiveShare was originally created for weddings. Typically, a screen was set up at the reception and pre-selected photos were loaded before the event like pictures of the happy couple leading up to the special day. Guests were then given a link so that throughout the event, they could take candid photos of the happy couple, photos of guests celebrating, and any other part of the festivities, which were displayed instantly on screens in the venue. After the event, the couple had access to all of the photos shared so that they had even more photos to remember the day with.

Since the impact of COVID, LiveShare has moved to a virtual platform so that families, friends, and coworkers can connect no matter where they are. Since the beginning of the pandemic, both businesses and individuals have had to get creative to adapt to the “new normal.” LiveShare is no exception to this. We’ve altered our crowdsourced photo sharing experience so that it can be used in a variety of ways to share and make memories.

1. Family Gatherings

With the holiday season wrapping up, we saw how LiveShare was used to connect families during festivities. People can share their day’s activities with loved ones who can’t be there in-person. From holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Kwanzaa, to anniversaries to birthdays, LiveShare is the best photo sharing platform to make memories with loved ones. After festivities end, the event creator can then download memories and make them into a forever keepsake with their favorite photo processing company. 

2. Vacation Collection

Want to share your socially distanced vacation with loved ones? Grab a LiveShare link and invite friends and family to join the experience. Throughout your trip, simply share photos using the link. The photos are instantly placed into a live slideshow that is available for viewing on a laptop, phone, or cast to a TV. LiveShare provides an opportunity to efficiently share photos among the people on the trip or to provide live updates for those back home.

3. Collecting the Year’s Memories

Despite the chaos of 2020, people still made important memories and reached personal achievements. There’s no better way to highlight the positive moments of the year than by sharing and collecting photos with those that mean the most to you. LiveShare also offers an opportunity to add a caption, comment, and like photos so that people with the link can interact with shared content.

4. Work “Party”

If you’re working a 9 to 5 workday remotely like many Americans currently are, Google Hangout, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams are most likely part of your daily work routine. Odds are that an after-hours video conferencing hangout in place of your annual work party probably doesn’t sound super appealing. LiveShare is a hassle-free way to connect with others without being tethered to a screen. Workplaces can create an event to provide an opportunity for employees to share the year’s highlights, throwbacks of previous work gatherings, and photos of happy clients, if applicable to the business.

5. Memorializing a Loved One

Unfortunately, the loss of loved ones was a reality for many during 2020. With the effects of the pandemic, having a traditional funeral wasn’t possible for many. To help memorialize a loved one and the life they lived, LiveShare can be used to gather photos from friends and family. Doing so will likely resurface moments and memories from throughout the loved one’s lifetime that the family will find priceless. LiveShare also provides a donation feature so that raising money in memory of someone and crowdsourcing photos of them can all be done in one place!

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Making memories may look a little different right now, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend time learning a complicated platform to connect with others. LiveShare is there to make memories easy for everyone. Stop scouring the internet for the best photo sharing app. LiveShare, a FREE photo sharing site, offers a user-friendly platform without the hassle of downloading an app. Claim your free experience here.

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