Wedding Day Party

Wedding Day Timeline Tips

Making a 6/8-Hour Day of Photographer Work For You

DRESSING/PREPARATION | Time estimate: 1 hour
Plan for arrival at the very end of hair and make-up but prior to full dress. Also, plan for shots of both bride and groom parties. During this time, detailed shots of rings, dresses/outfits, invitations, and other important details, can also be photographed.

FIRST LOOK(S) | Time estimate: 10-20 minutes
Becoming increasingly popular, there are several options for First Looks. They are a great way to alleviate some of the post-ceremony photos. They are done immediately following the bride’s final moments of prep and fit into her dress and veil and right before the ceremony begins.

  1. Classic: partner first look or first encounter (where there isn’t an actual look, just a brief moment)
  2. Bridesmaids Look: Keep the full appearance a secret and do a reveal
  3. Parents Look

POSED PORTRAIT PHOTOS | Time Estimate: 1-2 hours (depending on party size and locations)
The trend is to do all bridal and family portraits BEFORE the ceremony versus the traditional approach of immediately following the ceremony. (Allows the reception to immediately begin, as well as, photographs the bridal party & family when they are at their freshest)

CEREMONY | Time Estimate: average of 30 minutes
Ceremonies can range from 15 minutes to 1.5 hr. depending on particular style and/or beliefs.

ENTRANCE | Time Estimate:  30 min – 1 hour
If you did not do POSED PORTRAIT PHOTOS (PPP) prior, they are inserted here while your guests head off to cocktail hour. Even if there were PPP, there may be a few shots taken during travel to the reception venue. Either way, bridal parties most often have their guests enter/proceed to their reception venue and then do a grand entrance with your bridal party

SPEECHES | Time Estimate: 2-5 minutes per/person
While not for everyone, they tend to connect attendees to those you have chosen to those in your inner circle.

EATS | Time Estimate: 1 hour
Everyone should enjoy the provided eats, including all your vendors.

RECEPTION ADDITIONALS: Since most 8-hour photographer wedding days will usually end at the first dance, you can always move your most important reception additionals prior to dinner service. For instance, immediately following the entrances, do your first dance, do your parents dance, cut your cake, do your speeches, and then be seated for dinner … the rest of the evening is then left for the fun.

  • Cake Cutting | Time Estimate: 15 minutes
  • First Dances | Time estimate: 2-5 minutes per dance
  • Mother/Father Dances | Time estimate: 2-5 minutes per dance
  • Garter/Bouquet Toss | Time estimate: 2-5 minutes per song
  • Well Wishes/Dollar Dance | Time estimate: 15-30 minutes (depending on participants)

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