Four ways to get more photos from wedding guests!

Send a preparation email to remind guests before an event.

This can make guests aware they can contribute even after an event has finished and provide them an invite link they can view later from their email account after an event.

Print an Event Link QR code on invites, cards, and the event sign

An event code on invites and cards can be helpful for the guests to scan before the event. Placing a QR Code link on the event sign will encourage more posts during the event.

Setup LiveView on screens during the event.

This can be accomplished with the use of an Amazon Fire TV Stick. You can connect it to a tv screen and it will broadcast photos from the event live as they are posted.

After an event send an email to guests to view and post on your event.

This allows guests plenty of time to submit any photos from the event. Guests also have the opportunity to download photos if you enable it, a guest can post photos and obtain photos after an event by visiting the url, event code, or scanning a QR Code from post-event emails.


LIVESHARE NOW is great to use and is more involving when it is provided with the signage at your event. The inclusion of LiveShare Now event links and QR codes make photo sharing a breeze. Consider using liveshare now for your event!

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